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About Us
Scribe Publications is a full-service self publisher specializing in publishing the finest quality literary works of known and unknown authors, from both near and far.  Genres include, but are not limited to:  Christian/inspirational, educational, non-fiction, fiction, anthologies, classic reissues, and reference works.  We are dedicated to continuously developing and maximizing each client’s literary potential, while educating them about the value and importance of writing, publishing, marketing and distributing.   
We are passionate about books and are on a constant quest to stimulate, entertain and exercise the mind.  Through our authors, we are one of the premier publishing firms that inspire, uplift, educate and empower the readers, so that they may live a more productive and fulfilling life; in understanding the power of the written word and its potential to shape and transform mindsets, Scribe Publications takes extreme care in only producing excellence for our clients and for the readers.  
In addition to quality and excellence, what sets us apart from other publishers is that the author does not have to have a manuscript prior to contacting Scribe Publications for services.  That’s right….A MANUSCRIPT IS NOT NEEDED TO GET STARTED WITH US!!! We work with writers who have a desire to produce a book but do not have a manuscript.  
Scribe Publications is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and are responsible to our customers, to our employees, who are the most valued assets of our company, to the environments we inhabit, and to the societies we serve worldwide. In providing cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer care and knowledgeable staff, we are sure to outclass the competition. 
Your goal is our opportunity to show you excellence, creativity and exceed industry standards!
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